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Financial help during challenging times

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Social Security Disability

A disability that occurs from an illness or injury is a life-changing moment where your future, particularly when it comes to working, is uncertain. Regardless of age, workers who qualify for benefits from the federal government can still secure the income they need.

Social Security benefits are more well-known and based on age, work history, and taxes paid into the Social Security Fund. However, those over 50 have a much easier path toward eligibility for payments from the federal government in the form of Supplemental Security Income. SSI payments are an option due to changes in health that prevent people from working.

Benefit application options

SSD benefits may be higher for workers already eligible for Social Security benefits. In addition, most states also offer Medicaid to cover medical bills combined with food assistance and additional benefits paid to recipients.

Eligibility for SSI requires workers to be not only disabled, blind, or 65 years old or older but also lacking significant income and resources. Qualifying injuries and illnesses range from carpal tunnel to Parkinson’s disease. Mental illnesses can also be eligible for disability benefits.

When applying for benefits, the Social Security Administration will examine the specific conditions preventing applicants from performing tasks over the previous 15 years. Examiners can decide that the individual can still do that same work and deny the claim or determine that the applicant can do other types of work.

Evaluations also cover the applicant’s age, particularly those over 55, with distinctively different rules for those over 60. Additional factors include the impairment’s severity combined with the educational background and work history.

Disability benefits are an essential component during a time when a recipient is unable to perform the tasks that they once mastered. Disability and subsequent retirement only add to an already uncertain future. Proactive steps in the Social Security application process can bring not only clarity but also some level of financial stability.