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Attorney J. Keith Pearson

J. Keith Pearson

Attorney at Law

Law always seemed to be a natural fit for J. Keith Pearson. Since earning his J.D. from Ole Miss in 1993, he's dedicated his career to providing intelligent, tenacious legal counsel to individuals throughout Mississippi. From pursuing workers' compensation and social security disability benefits to helping clients navigate family law and administrative matters, Keith has developed a top-notch legal practice that stands up for the underdog.


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Personal Attention

When you work with us, you work with us. We aren’t like those bigger law firms that pawn off cases to paralegals. We'll listen carefully to your story and provide personalized strategies to suit your unique goals. To us, you aren't just another number on a list.

Depth of Experience

You don't want a lawyer who only 'dabbles' in these practice areas. You want the real deal. As attorneys with extensive experience in workers' compensation and social security disability—including federal appeals—we know how to advocate for our clients.

Fearless Commitment

When it comes to your case, persistence is key. We exhaust all avenues to seek favorable results for you and your loved ones, refusing to settle or give up when things get tough. At The Pearson Law Firm, we're in it for the long haul.

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Quality Counsel To Help You Move Forward

When facing a legal matter involving your health or your family, it's natural to feel stressed. Insurance companies and other entities—including your employer—often make it incredibly difficult to navigate the system. From suffering an injury at work to going through a divorce, it's easy to feel outmatched and overwhelmed, no matter your legal issue.

You need to level the playing field. For more than two and a half decades, our team at The Pearson Law Firm has offered individuals and families in Mississippi a chance to even the odds. As knowledgeable, experienced workers' compensation attorneys and civil litigators in Oxford, we're dedicated to helping you stand up for your rights and seek the future you deserve.

A personal injury—on the job or on the road—can turn your life upside down. Don't bear this burden alone. Pursue compensation to help pay your medical costs, cover your lost wages, and provide you with security and financial stability while you focus on recovery. Remember: these things take time. Patience and persistence are key. Let us act as your personal representatives throughout the process to help you seek fair treatment.

Fighting for the results you deserve is never easy—but it's always worth it. We are proud to represent clients throughout Mississippi, including Tupelo, Columbus, Batesville, and DeSoto County. Reach out to our firm in Oxford for a free consultation to get the process started.