Persistence Makes Us Different

Extending Legal Lifelines To Mississippi Residents With Injuries And Disabilities

In 2009, building on years of experience in workers’ compensation law, our founder started The Pearson Law Firm, known at that time as The Work Injury Team. Two years later, a second attorney joined the firm, expanding our Social Security Disability (SSD) practice. Today, our team continues to offer lifelines of help and hope to our fellow Mississippians who are struggling with work injuries and disabilities, often after lengthy careers.

Our lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge as well as genuine compassion for our clients and their families. For more information about their backgrounds and qualifications, follow the links below:

Our team handles workers’ compensation and SSD claims and appeals for people in Tupelo, Oxford and throughout the state of Mississippi who have been hurt on the job or cannot work because of illnesses, chronic conditions or injuries.

Our Goal Is To Make A Difference

Our attorneys aim to help people who need guidance to resolve their confusing workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) and SSD cases. Insurance companies, large employers and Social Security have processed thousands of similar cases, but most of our clients are applying for benefits for the first time. Our knowledge and assistance provide a way forward for many injured workers and those with disabilities. We understand:

  • How to handle the legal processes and pitfalls involved in workers’ comp and SSD claims
  • What it takes to qualify for benefits
  • How to file a claim
  • How to appeal after a denial

Our greatest strength is persistence. Many people come to us when other attorneys have given up. We do not give up. We will look under every rock and explore every avenue to get you the benefits you deserve. If necessary, our lawyers will take your case to court – even the Supreme Court of Mississippi, if warranted.

Reach Out From Anywhere In Mississippi

We work with people throughout Mississippi who need our help. We are ready to meet with you in one of our convenient offices, in a hospital or rehabilitation center, or remotely through the internet or cellphone connections. If you prefer, we can communicate with you through videoconferences.

The sooner you apply for benefits or appeal a denied claim with our attorneys’ help, the better. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. You will not owe us attorney fees until our team succeeds in recovering back workers’ comp or SSD benefits. Call 662-793-1697 or send us an email inquiry to ask questions or schedule a free initial consultation.