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Workers’ Compensation Denials Attorneys in Oxford, Mississippi

Our Lawyers Know How to Appeal Denied Worker’s Comp Claims

Having to deal with a workers’ compensation denial is difficult, emotionally, financially, and medically. When an injury happens on the job, things are supposed to happen in this manner:

  1. The employer reports the injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
  2. That carrier then begins paying the injured workers’ medical bills, as well as a percentage of his or her weekly income.

But things don’t always go so smoothly. Workers’ compensation insurers often deny claims, unnecessarily delay them or refuse to pay as much as the worker deserves.

Reasons Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

Here are a few common reasons for workers’ compensation claims to be denied.

  1. Out-of-Network Medical Care

Workers’ compensation coverage is provided to all employees through their employer’s policy. You may be required to visit a specific medical group or doctor if you were hurt at work. You may need to always visit an in-network medical professional for the first round of medical care.

  1. Claim is Disputed by the Employer

Employers routinely dispute claims since it increases the premium cost. Your employer may argue that the details of the claim are incorrect. They may even state that you were not injured at work. It can be difficult to work around this if there is no surveillance footage or witnesses to support your claim. You need to make sure that you tell your co-workers and employer immediately if you were hurt while on the job. You should also speak with an attorney to know the right steps to take.

  1. Injuries Deal with a Preexisting Medical Condition

Insurance companies love to deny claims stating they are related to preexisting injuries. If you hurt your back after falling off the ladder, the responding insurance company may argue that your backache is actually because of the car accident that you had a few years ago.

  1. No Medical Treatment

While you don’t need to visit the doctor for every bruise or scrape you get at work, you should be able to produce the necessary medical records to support an injury claim. The insurance company may say that you faked your injuries for claiming benefits if you did not receive medical attention but try to file a workers’ compensation claim.

  1. Delay in Paperwork

Clerical errors may be the sole reason for your worker’s compensation claim being denied. Missing a deadline or mixing up paperwork guarantees a denial because insurance adjusters are known for following rules to the letter when it benefits them. An insurer will block your claim even if you miss the filing date by a day.

  1. Intentional Neglect or Horseplay

Workplace accidents that result in unintentional injuries are the only ones covered by workers’ compensation. If you were hurt because of messing around with your colleagues or as a result of indulging in horseplay at work, the insurance company is legally allowed to deny the claim.

What to Do if Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Wrongfully Denied

Your first step is to get a lawyer’s help that is experienced with worker’s compensation denials as soon as possible. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help level the playing field against the insurance company and force them to begin taking your claim more seriously.

Your attorney will probably start by examining the reason for the denial. There are many reasons that workers’ compensation insurance companies deny claims, from alleged failure to report the accident on time to a discrepancy between the accident report and your medical records. Your attorney will then determine a legal strategy based on the facts of your case.

With legal assistance, it is possible to have the denial reversed and get your benefits. However, it takes a strong, experienced lawyer to hold the insurance company accountable by starting the workers’ comp claim process to get an Administrative Judge to make the insurance company pay the benefits they should be paying.

Don’t Let Money Worries Keep You from Calling

The truth is that most people who have been hurt at work struggle to make ends meet. They worry how they are going to support their families, get medical treatment and even put food on the table. So it’s no wonder that they worry about the cost of a lawyer too.

If you are thinking about getting legal help with a workers’ compensation denial, you should know that you do not need to pay any money up front. The initial consultation is free, and cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means that we do not charge attorney’s fees unless and until we recover compensation on your behalf.

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