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Common Workplace Injuries Attorneys in Oxford, Mississippi

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There are almost infinite ways to be hurt at work or injured on the job. Each person is different, and each situation is different. Even though each work injury is different some workplace injuries occur more often than others. At The Pearson Law Firm, working years of workers' compensation practice has shown us that some work injuries are more common than others.

Common Workplace Injuries

We have been representing clients from our Oxford, Mississippi, law firm since 2009. In that time, many of our clients have come to us due to one of these common on-the-job injuries:

  1. Back injuries: Back injuries are some of the most common work injuries and also some of the most debilitating. The pain of a back injury often keeps workers out of the workplace and unable to support their families.

  2. Knee injuries: Falls, falling objects and sudden, unexpected twists and turns can all lead to knee injuries. Whether they cause a fracture, torn ligaments, tendons or meniscal tears, recovery is never easy. Surgery is often required, and even non-surgical methods require long recovery times.

  3. Shoulder injuries: Like knee injuries, shoulder injuries are often sustained in falls or are caused by falling objects. Sometimes other factors are involved, like dangerous or defective equipment, lack of proper training or negligence of a coworker. These factors can lead to rotator cuff tears, sprains and strains.

  4. Carpal tunnel: Carpal tunnel is a repetitive stress injury caused by making the same motions over and over, like loading items on an assembly line or typing at a keyboard. It occurs when a nerve in the wrist becomes pinched, leading to tingling and numbness in the hand. Carpal tunnel often creeps up over time, but workers should report the injury as soon as they become aware of it.

Ready to Move Forward?

If You Have Suffered One of These Injuries

You need a work injury lawyer on your side. If you have a serious work injury like the ones above, hiring an attorney is critical. You will be dealing with a claims professional working for the workers’ compensation insurance company. This person does their job with one goal in mind: They want to pay out as little as possible. The less they pay, the better job they’re doing for the insurance company.

While this work injury claims professional may have handled hundreds or even thousands of claims, most people who have been hurt at work have never taken legal action before. They don’t know the process, they don’t know which steps to take, and they certainly don’t know how to get the best possible results.

That’s where an experienced work injury lawyer comes in. At The Pearson Law Firm, our founding attorney Keith Pearson has handled more than 500 workers’ compensation claims for people that have been injured on the job in Mississippi. He helps level the playing field against the big workers’ compensation insurance companies by standing up for injured workers and their families.

Get Legal Help After an On-the-Job Injury

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury like the ones listed above, talking to an attorney that has years of successful workplace injury experience is the best way to protect your interests. Make sure you get the benefits you deserve. To get started, contact us today by completing our contact form or calling us.