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What types of benefits does Mississippi workers’ compensation offer?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

People often don’t learn much about workers’ compensation because they never need to file a claim. Many employees finish their careers without ever getting hurt on the job. However, a small percentage of workers might develop a work-acquired health challenge.

Some people get hurt due to a fall. Others develop repetitive stress disorders from performing the same job tasks every day. Workers with medical challenges related to their employment often qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits can help reduce the financial impact that their health challenges inspire.

Medical benefits

The most widely-used benefit available through workers’ compensation is medical coverage. Many workers require treatment for injuries and illnesses caused by their employment. Workers’ compensation medical coverage can cover everything from emergency trauma care to long-term pain management and physical therapy. Any necessary treatments related to job-acquired health conditions could be eligible for 100% coverage through workers’ compensation.

Disability or wage benefits

Not all workers need time off because of a work injury. Many of them can ask for accommodations or different job tasks to stay on the payroll while they recover. Others have to take leave, switch careers or stop working. If a worker needs to move into a lower-paid position or if they can’t work at all, they may qualify for disability benefits.

There are temporary and permanent disability benefits available depending on the extent of someone’s injuries. There are also partial and total disability benefits. Someone who can’t work at all may qualify for total disability benefits. Someone who has to accept lower wages or who has a permanent condition may qualify for partial disability benefits.

Death benefits

There are three primary forms of support available to the surviving family members of someone who dies due to work. Workers’ compensation can pay for up to $5,000 worth of funeral and burial costs. The program also provides $1,000 to the surviving spouse of the deceased worker. Their dependent family members may also be eligible for wage replacement benefits similar to the disability pay benefits available to workers.

Learning about the types of benefits available can help those preparing to file a Mississippi workers’ compensation claim. Workers who understand the program may have an easier time pursuing the benefits that they require.